Suggestion Box



Click here to access the PermiaCare suggestion box.  All feedback will be reviewed by the Executive Team.


Some of the improvements to PermiaCare that have been made as a result of the feedback provided by staff include:


  • Numerous facility improvements across the organization
  • Availability of drinking water for staff and clients in all PermiaCare locations
  • Revision of PermiaCare’s dress code procedure to be more in line with the norms of PermiaCare’s diverse workforce
  • Preliminary work on a staff culture improvement project
  • Revision of PermiaCare’s bereavement and PTO leave procedures
  • Implementation of an employee assistance program that provides support, resources, and information for personal and work-life issues.
  • Evaluation of enhanced wellness activities for staff
  • Established client advisory committee.
  • Upgrade of communication channels and information sharing.
  • Sharing of improvements that have been made due to feedback provided on the suggestion box.